Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

BSBP 2014 My Soup

And this is what I made of it.
A pair of earrings, matching to the green pearls and the other parts. I took elastic cord for my armbracelet.  I got this fantastic snake clasp I made a necklace from . I combined it with the labradorit and the green gemstone and add some malachite to make the necklace long enough. The snakeclasp is placed in front, good to see. The focal I let it as a single piece. I can add it to a rubber cord or a silk ribbon. All the pieces i can combine with each other.  Did I say I love these colors. Thank you Agi.

And this is the soup I sent to Hungary. Bubbles lampworkbeads made with baking soda, and silvered ammonite shape glass focal and the chilis.
Wondering what Agi made out of this soup.

BSBP 2014 Participants


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Have fun!